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The Kandira District with its eight shore villages has 52 km shoreline in Black Sea. It is possible to reach Kandira by highway from three different directions. TEM highway between Istanbul and Ankara splits from the byway of Kandira and after 35 km you can reach Kandira. It has connection with another road above Kaynarca and Kaymas and it is 45 km to Adapazari. It is also possible to reach Kandira by road which follows the province of Istanbul, the town of Sile and the town of Ağva. It is 38 km between Agva and Kandira.

Bagirganli is a quiet relaxing place with its rocky coast, nice beach, and wonderful nature. Fishing is the mainstay of the people of region. The construction of fisher shelter which supports this sector is still continuing.

Seyrek, which is 11 km to Kandira, is one of the cutest bays of the shore. It has very nice resorts. Seyrek, which has 300 meters beach, is a quiet resting place. The Seyrek stream adds a great beauty to this place.There aren’t any hotels to serve tourism in Seyrek in which house lodgings are very common.
There are still the remains of a castle in Seyrek bay. It is known that the castle was built to protect Seyrek Pier which is now under the water but was the centre of importation and exportation during the period of Romans. The pier now remains under the water and no trace of it was encountered.

It is 8 km to Kandira and it was built in the place where Sarisu stream, which is in the border of Babakoy, joins with Black Sea. Carp, sea bass, grey mullet, and varied freshwater fishes can be fished in the Sarisu stream which creeps along quietly. Sarisu stream reaches the sea at the end of sand by overflowing in parallel with the beach which is 1 km. A great scene comes out in this way.
It is required to pass this stream by raft to reach the beach and to go in to the sea. The rafts are for 8 people to the utmost and they run from three different places. In this region tent tourism is very common and there are also nice touristy accommodations

Kerpe is a small bay which has quite suitable geographic location in terms of north winds and which leans against the thick pine forest. For this reason, that famous wave of Black Sea cannot be seen here and it is very advantageous for the families who have children because the sea is not so much deep.
When we add another feature for Kerpe, that is, its being very close to Istanbul which is a very important metropolis, it can be said that it is a candidate which can host foreign and domestic tourism. It has an important tourism potential with its hotels, motels, lodgings, and restaurants which are open the whole year.

It is a nice village which has Kumcagiz coast just before arriving Kurtyeri, Kefken. Kumcagiz has a wide beach and clean sea. The rest area which belongs to Finance Ministry and the rent camp in the forest which belongs to Forest Ministry are all available in this place.

Kefken which is 20 km to Kandira is the most developed one financially compared to other shore settlements. It has great qualities with its sea, beaches, and pine forests just like Kerpe. In 1 km distance there is Kovanagzi beach. Though it is a little bit small, the half of the beach which attracts attention a lot belongs to Military Rest Camp.
Fishing is quite improved in Kefken village which is a very ancient settlement unit. There is a fishing cooperative which has about 70-80 boats and also the Presidency of Pier.

The whereabouts of Pink Rocks really amazes the people who see this place. While the rocks are in the water, they are very soft but they get though when they are got out of the water. Because of these features of the rock, they were used in constructing Sultan Ahmet Mosque and many historical works of art by being cut with human power in the shape of rectangles and by being brought to Istanbul by sea.

Cebeci ,which is 27 km to Kandira, is an ideal holiday paradise with its very clean sea, wide beaches, and magnificiant nature. It is the most common place for tent tourism compared to other coasts. The number of people who come and dwell here just before the sea season in Cebeci is great. The place in which the sea and sun bathe can be done untill the end of September is a great nature wonder and whose beach is the largest of the region.
Lodging can offer the qualified service to the coming tourists. A great number of vacation sites and summer resorts are all available.

The Kefken Island is the only island in which the people ,who have the only historical charactesitics in Black Sea, live. The ships which need to be protected from the severe storms of fierce black sea and search for a place to harbor in dangerous moments take shelter in the harbour which is sorrounded by breakwaters near the island. The ships which are in need of help are reached by lifeboat service and a radio connection is set to help them. There are a few wells from which drinking water are provided. This island which is just 5 minutes to Cebeci coast by boat has numerous small bays in which you can go into the sea and you can embrace the nature by going away from the city life. The Kefken Island is the much frequented place by amateur underwater fishers and sea bass and grey mullet can be fished by fish spear here.

The furthest beaches of Kandira are in the whereabouts of Uzunkum in about 30 km distance. It is an untouched place which is not very well known yet. These beaches, which have the feature of being open sea, become a very suitable place for surfing while it is windy. This region in which there is not a very big touristy center has exactly a very wild attractiveness. It has as much as the opportunities such as motels and lodgings to meet the needs of the comings. Tents are very suitable for camping. Its beach is quite wide and long. This city, which is getting full of houses such as villas still, stands untouched because the distance is a lot and the roads are very ruined. These places will get its real value when the road which begins in Istanbul goes on as Black sea coast road.

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